Tiger's Memorable Chip on Masters Thursday

Experience the unforgettable as Tiger Woods electrifies Amen Corner with a remarkable chip shot at the 11th hole during Masters Thursday.


Witness the unique atmosphere at Augusta National, where the anticipation builds as Tiger emerges from the shadows, captivating the entire crowd.


Even at 48, Tiger remains a contender, nearing the top of the Masters leaderboard and reminding everyone of his remarkable resilience and skill.


Despite the challenges and doubts, the crowd's hope remains strong, cheering for Tiger's continued success and his potential to remain in contention.

Unwavering Hope

Tiger showcases his exceptional skill with a high-spinner chip shot at the 11th, coming close to a hole-in-one and leaving the crowd in awe.

Perfect Chip

After the remarkable shot, Tiger shares a moment of laughter with his caddie, reflecting the unexpected joy and surprise of the day's events.

Joyful Moments

The crowd rises in a heartfelt standing ovation, expressing their gratitude and appreciation for Tiger's enduring talent and spirit.

Deep Appreciation

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