Duncan Robinson's Playoff Uncertainty Due to Back Ailment

Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson is facing uncertainty regarding his availability for the postseason due to a persistent back ailment.


Robinson has been sidelined with "left facet syndrome" for five games, returning briefly before experiencing setbacks, forcing him out of the lineup once again.

Injury Details

Since his return, Robinson's performance has been inconsistent, shooting 8 of 28 from the field and 6 of 26 on 3-pointers in five games, highlighting the impact of his back issue.

Struggles Post-Return

Robinson and the Heat are revisiting their treatment strategies to address the ailment, with the primary focus on ensuring his availability and effective contribution to the team.

Recovery Approach

Despite the setbacks, Robinson remains optimistic, emphasizing his commitment to rehabilitation and the hope of returning to the court in a meaningful capacity.

Optimistic Outlook

Finding a balance between pushing for a return and ensuring complete recovery has been challenging for Robinson, highlighting the delicate nature of managing injuries in professional sports.

Balance Struggle

The Heat have explored various treatment options for Robinson's back issue, indicating a comprehensive approach to his rehabilitation.

Treatment Exploration

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