Jordan Spieth’s Unique Golf Grip Causes Notable Calluses

Take a closer look at Spieth’s hands, characterized by significant calluses that are a direct outcome of his unusual golf grip technique.


Despite their unusual appearance, Spieth’s calloused hands serve a functional purpose, aiding him in playing better golf.

Unsightly Appearance

Recall the PGA Tour’s photo from the Par 3 Contest capturing Spieth on the green, highlighting his unique hand positioning.

Memorable Moments

Reflect on when Spieth’s distinctive hands gained attention on the Dan Patrick Show, sparking curiosity and speculation.

Viral Sensation

Know that Spieth’s calluses are a result of his unique grip, developed over countless years and integral to his playing style.

Unusual Grip

Dispelling myths, it’s confirmed that Spieth’s hands are not indicative of rheumatoid arthritis or past injuries, but rather his distinctive golf technique.

No Health Concerns

Spieth explains, “I got kind of a weird grip and it just makes these calluses,” emphasizing the functionality and benefits of his unique grip.

Functional Benefits

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