Top 7 Best Family Cat Breeds You'll All Love

Abyssinian cats, often called "Aby-silly-ans," are social, loyal, and active. They excel in agility, making them ideal for families with older children.


The American Shorthair is a loving and easygoing breed that thrives in family environments. Known for their independence, they can adapt to being alone for a few hours.

American Shorthair

Bengal cats are strikingly beautiful and have personalities to match. Friendly and playful, they easily get along with people and other pets. Bengals are active jumpers, so providing them with climbing spaces is essential.


Birman cats are friendly, lively, and easy to handle, making them great companions for kids. They enjoy following family members around, often "helping" with chores or playing.


The British Shorthair is calm, sweet, and cuddly, making them perfect family pets. While energetic as kittens, they mature into well-mannered adults.

British Shorthair

Cornish Rex cats are playful, energetic, and affectionate. They enjoy playing fetch and demand companionship. With their lively personalities, they fit well into households with children, other pets, or regular visitors.

Cornish Rex

Known for their unique appearance, Devon Rex cats have triangular faces, large ears, and big eyes. Despite their alien-like looks, they are incredibly affectionate and enjoy cuddling with both people and pets.

Devon Rex

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