7 Reasons Why Your Cat’s Tongue Might Be Sticking Out

Blepping is when a cat forgets to retract its tongue after a momentary stick-out. Often adorable, this behavior is usually harmless unless it becomes frequent or is accompanied by other unusual behaviors.


Similar to humans, cats sometimes relax so deeply that their tongues roll out. This is typically harmless and occurs during deep sleep or relaxation.


With their unique tongue structure, cats can sometimes get food or fur stuck to their tongues. The tiny hook-like structures, called papillae.

Something Stuck

Certain breeds, like Persians and Himalayans, often have shorter noses which can make their tongues more prone to sticking out. It's a genetic trait and not usually a cause for concern.

Breed Predisposition

If your cat sticks out its tongue during car rides or stressful situations, it might indicate motion sickness or anxiety. Consider calming solutions like desensitization training.

Motion Sickness

Excessive licking of lips or flickering of the tongue can suggest nausea in cats. Various factors, from diet changes to allergies, can induce nausea.


Some complex neurological or neuromuscular diseases can cause abnormal tongue movements in cats. If your cat shows unusual behaviors along with the tongue issue.

Neurological Issues

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