Top 7 Dumbest Cat Breeds That May Not Be That Dumb At All

Often seen as independent, American Shorthairs are not easily trained but are excellent hunters. With a self-confident nature, they may seem disobedient but are simply following their instincts and preferences.

American Shorthair

Birmans are affectionate yet stubborn, making them slow learners when it comes to commands. Instead of meowing, they express frustration through physical actions like paw-stamping.


Known for their love of sleep, British Shorthairs are laid-back and may not engage much in play or communication. However, their calm demeanor makes them ideal for family homes and apartments.

British Shorthair

With a genetic link to Persians, Exotic Shorthairs are affectionate and low-maintenance. While they can learn basic tricks, their laziness might hinder more complex training. Starting training early is key.

Exotic Shorthair

A blend of Persian and Siamese breeds, Himalayans can be stubborn and selective in their training. Known for grooming challenges and quiet nature, they exhibit independence and a penchant for ignoring commands.


Korats, despite their beauty, are often underestimated in intelligence due to their lap-cat tendencies. While they may appear lazy, experts believe they possess intelligence that might not be immediately evident.


Munchkins, known for their unique looks, have defied expectations about their health and longevity. Despite their dwarfism, they have become beloved among cat enthusiasts, proving that appearance doesn't dictate intelligence.


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