7 Tips to Ensure Your Cat Returns Home Safely at Night

Dr. Alex Crow advises feeding your cat twice a day, mimicking their natural eating habits. Stick to a consistent schedule, provide fresh water and monitor appetite changes.


Ease your cat into outdoor life by starting with short sessions and gradually increasing the duration. Choose safe areas, supervise their outdoor activities and reward them upon returning home.

Outdoor Time

Establishing a daily routine can help your cat anticipate their outdoor time and meals. Consistency and patience are key when adjusting your cat’s schedule.


Dr. Sabrina Kong emphasizes the importance of microchipping or using an ID collar. This simple procedure provides a unique ID number, allowing vets or shelters to contact you if your cat goes missing.


Installing a cat door gives your cat the freedom to explore the outdoors while allowing them to return home safely. Opt for doors with adjustable settings or those responsive to your cat’s collar.

Cat Door

Training your cat to respond to a recall cue can be invaluable. Use a specific word and special treats to encourage your cat to come to you. Begin training indoors and gradually increase the distance.


Zazie Todd recommends evaluating your outdoor environment for safety. Ensure it offers natural features, secure spaces, and protection from potential hazards.

Environment Check

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