Williams' Fiery Reaction at Final Four

Roy Williams' disdain for the NC State Wolfpack is well-documented, stemming from his college days and continuing throughout his Hall of Fame coaching career with UNC.


Williams has never shied away from expressing his animosity towards NC State, often recounting stories from his past that fuel his strong feelings towards the rival team.

Openly Discussed

During the Final Four matchup between NC State and Purdue, Williams was in attendance. Cameras captured his classic reaction following a basket by DJ Burns, clearly indicating his allegiance.

Final Four Presence

Williams' rooting interests were unmistakably clear, as his joy was evident when NC State was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. His reaction was a blend of amusement and satisfaction.

Rooting Interests

Despite his Tar Heels not making it to the Final Four, Williams' support for Purdue over NC State was unwavering. He would have loved to see UNC progress.

Tar Heels' Journey

The rivalry between UNC and NC State runs deep, and Williams' reaction at the Final Four was a testament to the intensity and history of this basketball feud.

Rivalry Renewed

Even though Williams has retired from coaching, his feelings towards NC State remain unchanged. His classic reaction serves as a reminder that some rivalries never fade with time.

Enduring Sentiments

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