Top 7 Tips to Calm Your Dog During Thunderstorms

Maintaining a calm demeanor is crucial when your dog is anxious. Avoid consoling them excessively, as it can reinforce their fearful behavior.

Stay Calm

Provide a safe space for your dog, such as a kennel, basement, or an area without windows. Familiar environments can help alleviate their fear.

Switch Environments

Engage your dog in activities they enjoy, such as playing or grooming. Offering special treats, like meat jerky or cheese, during the storm can divert their focus and help recondition their response to thunderstorms.

Divert Attention

Practice desensitization training during calm periods. Record thunder sounds and play them for your dog, gradually increasing exposure.

Desensitization Training

Offering comfort through soft blankets or toys can help soothe your dog during a thunderstorm. Reassure them with gentle petting and calm words, reinforcing a sense of security and reducing anxiety.

Provide Comfort

Background noise, like a fan or calming music, can help drown out the sound of thunder and create a more soothing environment for your dog. This can distract them from the storm and reduce their anxiety.

Create White Noise

If your dog's anxiety persists, consult your veterinarian for professional advice. They may recommend sedative medications or other treatments to help manage your dog's extreme emotional response to thunderstorms.

Consult Your Vet

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