7 Top Reasons Why Cats Follow You Into the Bathroom

Cats may appear arrogant and aloof, but they have a deep attachment to their owners. When they follow you into the bathroom, it's often a way for them to express their love and concern for your well-being.


Curiosity is a natural trait of cats. The sound of running water and your activities in the bathroom pique their interest. They may want to join you but prefer to stay dry, indicating their playful and inquisitive nature.


Cats are wary of water and may view your showering as a potential danger. They might vocalize their concerns to alert you, ensuring you are aware of the 'danger' of water, showcasing their protective instincts.

Safety Concern

Cats rely heavily on scent to recognize their owners and surroundings. The use of perfumed soaps and shampoos may alter your scent, making your cat curious and prompting them to investigate further.

Scent Identification

Cats are creatures of habit and routine. If you have a set schedule for feeding your cat, they may follow you to encourage you to hurry up with your morning routine and get to the feeding part faster.

Creature of Habit

Your cat may follow you into the bathroom simply because they want your attention. Cats often enjoy being around their owners and may view the bathroom as an opportunity for quality time together.

Seeking Attention

Changes in routine or new environments can cause anxiety in some cats. Following you into the bathroom may be a way for your cat to seek security and comfort from their trusted owner.


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