7 Top Autumn Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Autumn burnout can affect some cats due to the shift from summer heat. If your cat shows reduced appetite or unusual behavior, consult a vet to ensure it's not suffering from this condition.

Autumn Burnout

Autumn is shedding season for cats. Regular brushing helps remove dead hair, reduces the risk of hairballs, and strengthens your bond with your cat.

Brushing Frequency

Autumn makes cats feel comfortable and increases their appetite as they recover from the summer heat and prepare for winter. However, indoor cats don’t need to store fat and may become obese if overfed.

Cat Appetite

The temperature swing between day and night in autumn can make cats susceptible to colds. While most colds are not serious, some can lead to pneumonia.

Cat Colds

Autumn is the mating season for cats, leading to frustrating behaviors like loud howling and urine spraying. If you don't plan on breeding your cat, consider getting her spayed to manage her heat cycles.

Cats Go Into Heat

Autumn brings beautiful but potentially harmful plants for cats. Common plants like autumn crocus, chrysanthemums, and apple plants can be toxic.

Dangerous Plants

To protect your cat from potential dangers like plants and cold weather, it’s best to keep them indoors during autumn. Ensure they have a balanced diet, moderate exercise and adequate sleep.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

Top 7 Tips for Autumn Cat Care